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            Social Consciousness

            Our commitment to helping people meet their potential begins with our employees. We recruit top talent, and give them an inclusive and rewarding culture. Here, they develop invaluable skills and find new ways to meet our clients’ needs — and then take that growth and creativity out into our communities.

            With these initiatives, we strive to be a global force and a local citizen:

            Talent Recruitment and Development

            Employees are our greatest asset, and we work to identify and develop the most talented people. We give every employee the tools to succeed in their roles and manage their careers.

            Employees Connecting with our Communities

            Employees who engage in their communities feel more connected. Our Corporate Citizenship programs help employees find volunteer opportunities and enhance their community leadership.

            Diversity, Flexibility and Inclusion

            Every employee should feel valued, engaged and respected. Through our Global Inclusion program we strive to keep our workplace diverse and responsive to work-life needs.

            Gender Equality

            Our commitment to diversity includes creating leadership opportunities for women, such as our Leading Women program for high-potential female employees. We’re focused on removing barriers to women’s advancement — including the gender wage gap.