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            Corporate Responsibility

            Better Outcomes for a Better World

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            As stewards of our clients' long-term investments, sustainability is critical to our business strategy.  By embedding corporate responsibility and materiality into our business, we’re helping ensure a more sustainable financial system and world.


            The investors we serve have long-term goals, liabilities and needs. That's why we are focused on creating long-term value.

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            Protecting the Environment

            More than three billion people cook every meal over an open fire. Making this process more efficient could reduce annual carbon emissions globally by up to five percent.

            From drawdown.org
            Smaller footprints, greater strides

            Moving the needle on our environmental goals

            Here are highlights of our progress in 2018

            Advancing Opportunity

            In 2015, the unemployment rate for high school graduates in Massachusetts was 9.5 percent — more than double the rate for college graduates. We set out to improve that statistic.

            Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University.
            Boston WINs

            Giving back and paying it forward

            Here's a snapshot of our 2018 community impact

            Raising the Bar

            As recently as two years ago,
            one in four Russell 3000 companies didn’t have a woman on their boards. Then came Fearless Girl.

            Source: State Street Global Advisors Asset Stewardship, March 2017
            Sculpture by Kristen Visbal, commissioned by State Street Global Advisors
            Standing up for change


            Promoting diversity of thought

            Here's a view of our company leadership in 2018

            Showcasing Our Impact

            Governance Takes the Spotlight

            Boards of publicly traded companies are recognizing the value that corporate governance experts provide, especially in addressing ESG issues. And women are leading the conversation.

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