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            Insurance Services

            How Do You Capture Opportunity?

            Connectivity. Confidence. Control. Cost Efficiencies. As your end-to-end partner for long-term growth, we offer a flexible, future-proof solution that includes global expertise in investing, trading, analytics, data management, accounting and custody.

            Working With You

            Partnering for Today
            and the Future

            Demographic shifts, technological advances and a new regulatory agenda are driving significant change in the insurance industry. Finding the right strategic partner is crucial.

            We offer the scale, expertise and industry focus to help you explore new products, strategies and markets, while staying on top of regulatory and operational challenges

            Get in Touch

            Growth Readiness

            Capturing Opportunity through Technology

            Almost three-quarters of insurers report concerns about losing out to competitors if they don’t become more operationally agile.

            Fierce regulatory, technology and competitive pressures have insurance growth models feeling the pressure. Insurers with the agility to reprogram their existing models will thrive.

            GET THE DETAILS

            *State Street 2017 Growth Readiness Study



            Looking for a more holistic and integrated view of your holdings? Our DataGX(SM) platform helps you better manage multi-asset class data from any service provider or data vendor. Get ready to turn your financial data into actionable insight.