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            Supporting Your Multi-Market Growth Strategy

            Cross-Border Connections

            As the world continues to evolve, asset managers are looking to new country markets as a top growth priority. How can you navigate this new market environment to maximize potential?


            Working With You

            Seize the Day

            Asset managers tell us they see a growth opportunity in today’s market. We can help you take advantage of it.

            We offer solutions. More importantly, we create partnerships based on trust and built to last.

            Our insight comes from every conversation we have with them and every piece of research we do. We share ideas, challenges and experiences. We are always looking for new ways to help you meet challenges and seize opportunities.

            Contact our asset servicing specialists to talk about how we can help your organization.

            Get in Touch

            Industry Trends

            A Clear View on Liquidity

            Four out of ten survey respondents say they require an urgent system overhaul for measuring and reporting liquidity risk.

            With exposure across multiple funds and asset classes, the complexity of your investment portfolios can make it difficult to see the full picture of liquidity risk. Powerful risk analytics are vital in helping you navigate a changing landscape.

            GET OUR INSIGHTS  

            *State Street 2016 Liquidity Survey

            Memo to the Finance World: Learn to Code

            At the Intersection
            of Finance and Technology

            Technology is quickly changing the way the financial world runs. If the speed of these enhancements gives you pause, we have one suggestion: learn to code.

            READ THE MEMO

            Industry Webcast

            The New Vision for Value

            Some asset managers are viewing the industry through a lens of optimism. But investor demands for custom-tailored solutions and looming disruption from non-traditional competitors are bringing new risks to the forefront. What does real value look like in this new environment? In conjunction with FT Live, we brought together five industry experts to offer insights into customization, risk and analytics, and the impact of technology in a data-driven environment.

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