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            Alternative Asset Managers
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            Assets on Trend

            If You Build It, They Will Come

            Much like the real estate asset class 20 years ago, infrastructure is having its day. Alternative fund managers are capitalizing on this trending asset class and committing billions to meet growing global demands.

            HERE'S WHY

            Working With You

            Infrastructure? We’ve Got it Covered 

            Running a successful fund is about more than investing. You need strong operating models, advanced reporting tools and systems that can keep up with your changing business.

            We ranked No.1 in alternative assets under administration  globally.* Hedge, private equity and real estate funds globally rely on our skills. They depend on our tools. They appreciate our partnership approach. And our scalable systems allow us to evolve with our clients’ businesses.

            Contact our alternatives solutions team to find out how we can help you meet the challenges you’re currently facing.

            *includes assets under portfolio administration (AUPA)
            Source: eVestment Alternative Fund Administration Industry Survey, April 2018

            GET IN TOUCH

            Industry Trends

            A New Market Environment

            Nearly half of asset owners and managers say decreased market liquidity is a shift that’s here to stay

            Recent regulations are driving lasting change to the way capital markets operate. And liquidity management is sharply coming into focus as a priority.

            MAP OUT YOUR PLAN

            *State Street 2016 Liquidity Survey

            Memo to the Finance World: Learn to Code

            At the Intersection
            of Finance and Technology

            Technology is quickly changing the way the financial world runs. If the speed of these enhancements gives you pause, we have one suggestion: learn to code.

            READ THE MEMO


            Could You Fax That Over?

            In a world where artificial intelligence is replacing human-driven systems, the finance industry often still relies on decades-old processes. To address this divergence in technology, we look to… more technology.

            THINK TECH