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            Data and Analytics
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            Investment Analytics

            Fund Transparency/Look-through Services

            Understand exposure and risks to macroeconomic variables: equity, interest rates, and currencies to name a few. Also gain transparency of manager and fund performance without compromising proprietary investment details.

            Whether you are an ETF, commingled fund, hedge fund, private equity fund or real estate fund we have experience providing you the transparency you need.

            ETFs, MFs and Commingled Funds

            • See commingled holdings at a line-item and lookthrough basis across asset classes including equities, fixed income and commodities
            • Interpret holistic views of portfolios including aggregate durations, sensitivities across separately managed and commingled holdings
            • Benefit from partnership with Morningstar which provides access to 95% of all traded ETFs and 120,000 mutual funds

            Hedge Funds

            • Extensive 15 year history with hedge funds – 400+ funds serviced and all top administrators
            • Broad support for listed and OTC derivatives across equity/interest rate/credit/commodity sectors
            • We provide aggregated analytics based on underlying holdings for transparency of manager and fund performance

            Private Equity and Real Estate

            • Combines private and public assets in a single risk model and reporting engine
            • Experience providing company- and property-level modeling across many strategies, including private equity, real estate and infrastructure
            • Client can choose among several approaches including multi-variate proxies, comparable companies and economic replication