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            Data and Analytics
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            Data Solutions

            DataGX?: Financial Data Management Platform

            Our fully hosted Data-as-a-Service offering, DataGX?, is an end-to-end data management solution that includes data quality, data governance, data security, and aggregation of an investment firm’s entire financial data universe. We manage your multi-asset class data from any service provider or data vendor, to facilitate a holistic and integrated view of your holdings, cash, security master, performance measurement, risk, and other critical information. This offering reflects our years of experience servicing complex instruments for our global client base and our investments in building advanced financial data management technologies.

            DataGX provides you with:

            • A holistic, integrated view of your financial information for near real-time analysis and reporting
            • Support for both client and reference data from State Street and third-party data sources and administrators
            • Data availability, quality, usability and delivery management service
            • Built-in regulatory audit and data lineage capability

            By transforming data in to information our clients can then perform the primary goal of generating alpha through research and analysis.  Expand each item below to learn more about our solution.