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            Investment Servicing
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            Investment Operations

            Investment Operations Outsourcing Services

            As you look for ways to streamline your investment operations, contain costs and reduce risk, let our Investment Operations Outsourcing team help manage your back- and middle-office functions.

            By outsourcing these functions you can free up resources to focus on expanding your product offerings and increasing your global reach. You’ll have access to our integrated, scalable platforms without incurring long-term technology expenditures.

            Our global system and support provides you with:

            • A high degree of straight-through processing
            • The flexibility you need as your business grows
            • A “follow-the-sun” model that can support you across all time zones

            Take advantage of an end-to-end solution

            For an efficient, controlled operating environment that helps mitigate operational, regulatory and financial risk, our middle-office technology is integrated with our custody and fund accounting systems.

            This encompasses support for all your asset management activities, from trade execution through portfolio management and client reporting, including:

            • Transaction management (confirmation, settlement, failed trades)
            • Derivatives servicing and collateral management
            • Data management
            • Corporate action processing across all custodians
            • Reconciliation and control
            • Investment recordkeeping
            • Information delivery and end-client reporting
            • Performance, analytics and risk

            Our Investment Operations Outsourcing team will work with you to understand your specific challenges and requirements, and customize a solution that meets them — combining the elements that will add the most value to your business.

            Our relationship managers will then oversee our partnership with you, making sure our solutions evolve to meet the changing needs of your business.