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            Investment Servicing
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            All Eyes on You

            The banking industry is leveraging your physical characteristics as a security feature. Dax Johnson, head of client solutions for our Performance and Analytics team, discusses the different types of biometric authentication.

            GET A CLOSER LOOK

            We give asset owners and managers as much or as little support as they need. We cover core custody, accounting, fund administration and shareholder recordkeeping.

            Outsource all your investment operations to us. Rely on us to service complex alternative assets like over-the-counter derivatives, private equity and real estate.

            And make better-informed investment decisions with our analytics and performance measurement tools.

            Statistically Speaking

            A New Way Ahead

            Two-thirds of institutional investors believe it’s becoming more challenging to achieve growth

            Investors and managers can no longer rely on economic growth alone to help drive strong returns. But with a new approach to scale, technology and asset intelligence, opportunities are there for the taking.

            LEARN HOW

            *State Street 2017 Growth Readiness Study

            SEC Mod
            Working with You

            Reporting Modernization

            New SEC modernization regulations are looking to protect investors with more holistic reporting requirements and stronger liquidity risk management requirements. The countdown to implementation is on. We can help.

            SEE OUR SOLUTION

            Operational Risk Practices

            Telling a Stronger Story

            Not only do operational risk management practices help an organization make better decisions, they can be a value-add for revenue generation. Our survey found that organizations with a strong operational risk function have a stronger story to tell as part of their client proposition.