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            Investment, Research and Trading
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            Electronic Trading

            Trading Workflow Tools

            Our trading workflow tools can help your traders make trades quickly and reliably, every time.

            Swap Execution

            As derivatives markets evolve, your traders must adapt to new mandated trading workflows and use swap execution facilities if they are to execute effective trading strategies. With our swap execution facility, SwapEx?, you can transform how you approach trading interest rate swaps and FX derivatives.

            Using a single, multi-product execution platform, SwapEx supports virtually all of your trading needs — from traditional request for quote (RFQ) to order book, covering unwinds, basket compression and relative value trading strategies. And the platform incorporates forward-looking matching protocols, like indications of interest.

            SwapEx delivers the tools you need, to help you evolve your swap execution approach — beyond the basic RFQ screens of today.