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            Helping You Ignite the Future

            Rising to the New
            Retirement Reality

            The new retirement reality? Rising dependency ratios. Market volatility. Funding pressures. Just to name a few. See how we’re investing in our technology and talent to help US public pension funds tackle these challenges and help their members meet retirement goals.

            LEARN MORE

            Pensions with Purpose

            Meeting the
            Retirement Challenge

            Meeting the Retirement Challenge

            Your members’ mission is retirement. Our mission is to help you deliver the long-term success they need to meet their retirement goals. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solutions for pension funds, our research shows industry leaders are taking bold steps in five key areas.

            ARE YOU READY?

            Important risk information

            Inside Perspective

            Staying Connected
            To Our Clients

            A MacGyver-type of relationship management, Mark Schafer helps his pension fund clients respond to some of today’s biggest challenges. And by digging deep into their questions and exploring new solutions, Mark and his team are also getting clients ready for what lies ahead.

            HEAR FROM MARK

            Working With You

            Seeking Value

            Providing beneficiaries with a steady income over a long period is tougher than ever. Underwhelming returns. Stubbornly low interest rates. A combination that demands a fresh approach to risk.

            We have the know-how and technology to keep you in control. And, with more than 40%* of the US public pension fund assets under management, we know our way around all the markets that count. Let us help you insource asset management, process alternatives and manage data.

            Contact our asset owner solutions team to talk about how we can help your organization.

            *Standard & Poor’s 2015 Money Market Directory and State Street Analysis, November 2015

            Path to Leadership

            The Governance Advantage

            Tightening regulation. Increasing risk. US pension funds are taking a stand. Through governance. Scott Fitzgerald, head of sector solutions for the Americas and global alternatives, shares six steps governance leaders are taking in their long-term strategy as they upgrade capabilities and look for new investment opportunities.