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            Client-Driven Research

            The Center for Applied Research (CAR) is an independent think tank that resides at State Street and comprises a team of researchers from across the globe.

            CAR conducts targeted research designed to provide clients with strategic insights into issues that will shape the future of the investment industry.

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            Latest Research

            Putting the Phi in Finance

            A one-point increase in phi is associated with 55 percent greater odds of excellent client service.

            Purpose. Habits. Incentives. These motivational forces that we call phi govern our behaviors and actions – everyday. So what happens when the phi of an investment professional, investment firm and their clients are aligned? A new study from our Center for Applied Research revealed there’s a greater potential for sustainable organizational performance.

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            *Based on the 2016 CAR Motivation Study

            Mirtha Kastrapelli

            What Motivates You?

            Mirtha Kastrapeli, global head of research for our Center for Applied Research, explains why it’s important to understand what motivates an investor.


            listen. perspective

            Love of Money

            Answer this: Would you choose to receive $1,000 now or $1,900 five years from now? Your response, and relationship with money, says a lot about your investment potential.