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            From Paper to Petabytes

            The Future Is
            Asset Intelligence

            The definition of an asset has changed over the years, but our commitment to servicing them hasn’t. As the world moves from paper to petabytes, we’re investing in technology and creating solutions that define The Way Ahead.

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            Our Aniversary

            225 Years. And We're
            Just Getting Started

            State Street - 225 years logo

            Over the past 225 years, our proven ability to change has remained constant. It's what's propelled us from a maritime bank to a leading financial services provider. And it's what will continue to define our way ahead.

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            A Great Year

            The Interconnectivity
            of Innovation

            State Street - 225 years logo

            1792 was a year of firsts. The US Mint, the US Postal Office, the New York Stock Exchange … and State Street. Take a look back at the historic milestones that shaped the world – and the company – we know today.

            Dive Into 1792

            Growth Readiness

            A Commitment
            to Our Clients

            State Street - 225 years logo

            Institutional investors are in the midst of a new era. Interest rates are rising, the tide of globalization is turning and technology is disrupting decades-old business models. And we’re here. Helping our clients grow.

            Navigate Change

            We Asked. They Answered.

            Lessons in Longevity

            We asked fellow companies and long-standing employees celebrating historic milestones of their own to share the secret to their
            staying power.

            See What They Told Us